5 Tips to Refresh Your TPT Resources and Store in 2024

When was the last time you refreshed your TPT resources or your TPT store? 👀 You’re busy marketing and creating products, so it might have been a while. However, your TPT store and resources are the face of your brand! And they determine whether you build a loyal customer base…or deter buyers.

Here are a few tips for refreshing your TPT store and TPT resources in 2024.

#1 Reflect on Your TPT Products

The last thing you need is a negative review because of a small mistake or an unsatisfied buyer. Make a list of products that haven’t been updated in a while, then work through this checklist:

  • Are there any typos or edits you need to fix?
  • Is it missing any essential information, like clear student-friendly directions?
  • Is the font clear and easy to read? 
  • Could the design use an update? 
  • Did you include a color and black and white version?
  • Have you tested this product to make sure it’s actually functional?

#2 Create Scroll-Stopping Images

Giving teachers a crystal clear idea of what they can expect from your TPT resources will boost your sales. When creating TPT resource covers and thumbnails, make sure you include:

  • A realistic product photo or product mockup that shows the product in action
  • A clear title that describes the product
  • A subtitle with a bit more information 

Need help creating an eye-catching cover and thumbnail? The Teacher Seller Studio has tons of ready-to-go templates. Just drag and drop your product photos!

#3 Create a Preview PDF or Preview Video

Your customers don’t want to dig for information. Your preview should cover all the components of your TPT resource and show them how to use it with students. Your preview will help buyers determine if the product is the right fit for them, so make it good!

I know product previews can be a bit tedious to create, so I included product and bundle preview templates inside The Teacher Seller Studio. Pop your images onto the template, add details about your product, and you’ll have a thorough preview for potential buyers.

#4 Write Detailed Product Descriptions

A description not only helps buyers make purchasing decisions, but it’s also a way to protect yourself when a customer is disputing a purchase. Make sure you include –

  • An attention-grabbing title about what the product is and who it’s for
  • Pain points that your TPT resource will solve
  • A detailed description of the product using bullet points
  • Ideas for how the product can be used or modified
  • An upsell to complementary products and bundles

#5 Form a Cohesive Design

Lastly, check in with your TPT store design. Make sure your banners, logo, and featured products are visually appealing. Also, check that your design matches your current brand and goes with the current season or sale that is taking place.

Creating a welcoming storefront shows potential buyers that you take pride in your products and that they can expect quality TPT resources from you!

Update your TPT store with the branding kits and banner templates inside The Teacher Seller Studio! You can choose from seasonal and branded templates, so your store is appealing all year long.

Save this blog so you have a starting place for refreshing your TPT resources and TPT store. If you need support along the way, join The Teacher Seller Studio for access to product mockups, TPT templates, marketing swipe files, and more.

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