Six Ways to Use Photo Mockups for Teacher Sellers

Let’s face it, there is tons of competition for teacher-sellers on popular platforms like Teachers Pay Teachers, Instagram, Etsy, and Pinterest. It’s more critical than ever to stand out from the crowd if you want to make substantial sales on any platform.

Your visual marketing, the way you show up as a brand and show off your products can make or break your business. There’s no doubt that having beautiful photographs of your products is going to help them stand out and sell like hotcakes.

Here are some benefits of using visually appealing content in your business:

  • Increased brand awareness & brand recognition
  • It grabs the attention of your potential customer
  • Increases the engagement of your audience
  • Increases the time your audience spends on your platforms

What is a mockup?

A mockup is a styled photo with space for you to overlay a screenshot of your product. Generally, it shows your product on a desk or bulletin board. It will help give your potential customer a real-life visual of the product and how it is to be used, which helps to increase sales by showing your customer that they too can use your product!

Here are some examples of different photo mockups I have created that have been used by other teacherpreneurs:

using Mockups vs. hiring a photographer

Many sellers invest in professional photos for their products, but if you are just starting out as a seller or want to invest in other areas of your business, it can be a stretch for your budget. Professional photos can also take weeks or even months to get back, and if you are prepping a product that is time sensitive, you just can’t wait.

You could take the photos yourself (if you have the experience and equipment) but that can be time-consuming. You need a quick and easy option to make your product look GOOD. Using professional mockups are a quick and convenient alternative to professional photos. Simply overlay a screenshot of your resource into a beautifully staged mockup and that’s it! 


#1 Social Media Posts + Stories

Using photo mockups in social media might be the easiest way to use these photo templates. The most common way to use mockups for social media is to overlay a product image to show it off. You can also try sharing announcements for sales, blog posts, different mindset quotes, launch information, and even ask engagement questions.

#2 Pinterest

Next up, Pinterest! Show off your resources or blog posts like a pro and drive traffic to your products! Yes, people, especially teachers, still use Pinterest as a search engine for lessons and activities for the classroom. Create endless fresh pins easily with mockups of your resources by simply dragging and dropping them within seconds. Add a title and a link in Canva, then download and schedule your pins in advance to save even more time!

#3 Blog Post Images

Blog posts can be hard to read if there are no graphics in the post. Try breaking up your blog posts with images of your resources or tips that you want to emphasize! I love these because they can also double as Pinterest pins!

#4 Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of my favorite ways to use photo mockups for teacherpreneurs. Utilize mockup images to draw attention to your products or important information that you would like to share with your audience. It will make the email much more enjoyable to read and usually increase sales conversions because people will be more likely to read the whole thing!

#5 Website Design

Your website is like your storefront that no one can actually step foot in. Using visual content is more important here than anywhere! Use photo mockups to create a bright and colorful web presence that has your ideal client hanging around a lot longer!

#6 Product  Covers & Thumbnails

Finally, photo mockups for teacherpreneurs might get most used for this. Having gorgeous photos of your products for customers to view on TeachersPayTeachers or Etsy is what will help get your products SOLD.

Simply screenshot your resource, overlay the image over your mockup, add a title and a few details and you have a cover and thumbnails that stand out and catch your customer’s attention! Easy peasy!


I know that you are a super busy teacher business owner, and mockups are a great way to save both time and money in your teacher business. So, if you want to try using some mockups for marketing your biz, grab fifteen of them below!

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