How to Use Mockups In Your Teacher Business

You’ve spent hours creating your product, and you’re finally ready to show it off to the world. There is only one problem… You need photos of your product in action. 😅 You could carve out a day to take the photos or shell out the money to hire a photographer. Or you skip the cost and time of those options and have your product photos ready in a matter of minutes with mockups. If you are new to mockups, you are in the right place! I’ll walk you through how to use mockups and how to create product photos with mockups.

What are Mockups and How to Use Them

When you want your products to stand out and look ah-mazing, but you’re running low on time and cash, mockups will save the day. In general, mockups are pretty simple to use. Mockups are stylized photos with space to overlay a screenshot of your product. For instance, instead of taking an image of your product on a bulletin board, the mockup would be an image of a bulletin board that you place a screenshot of your product on.

So, how do you use mockups? It’s pretty simple. You’ll combine the mockup image with the image of your product. Most people do this in Canva, but you can use other photo platforms or PowerPoint. After you layer the product and mockup together, you’ll have a rendering of your product that looks like it was taken IRL.

How to Create Product Photos with Mockups

If you’re feeling skeptical about mockups, that’s normal. 😉 There is a good chance a lot of images you see on #teachgram and TPT are actually mockups, you just didn’t know it! Let me walk you through the steps of creating a mockup so you can give it a try.

#1 Choose a Mockup: Think about how you could display your product if you were photographing the image. For example, classroom decor might go on a bulletin board, and Google Slides would go on a laptop or smart board. You’ll pick a mockup that has a similar display.

#2 Upload the Mockup: As I mentioned, most teacher sellers use Canva to create their mockups, but you can also upload your mockup to PowerPoint or an Adobe program if you prefer those. You don’t need a lot of editing tools, so choose the platform you are most comfortable with.

#3 Upload Your Product: Next, you will upload a screenshot or image of your product. If you have a digital PDF product, you can download it as JPEG files and use that. You can also screenshot the PDF. If you are showing off course materials or a product in action, you can screen record a video and upload that to Canva or your chosen platform.

#4 Play with the Mockup: Now that everything is uploaded, play around with the images. You can add shadows, lawyer images, and more to make the product look realistic. Don’t forget to add your logo or watermark as well.

Want to give product mockups a try? Grab the 15 free mockups for teacher sellers below! It includes mockups with computers, task card boxes, clipboards, bulletin boards, and more. Just add your product screenshots and start formatting. 😄

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