How to Create Product Mockups Using Moveable Pieces

Being a teacher seller comes with unique challenges. Because it’s such a specific niche, it can be hard to find specific marketing advice or assets for your business. That’s especially true when it comes to product mockups (unless you’re in The Teacher Seller Studio, of course 😉). If you’ve ever felt frustrated that you can’t find the specific image you need, you might want to try moveable pieces.

What are Moveable Pieces?

Moveable pieces are images with a transparent background. They are added to a product mockup to add details or enhance the image. You can use them to fill up white space, add a specific prop that supports your product, or create a completely custom mockup for your resource.

Moveable images can be literally anything, from manipulatives to classroom supplies. Inside The Teacher Seller Studio, there is a growing library of moveable images like pencils, pens, notebooks, pencil bags, dice, counters, etc. 

How to Create Product Mockups with Moveable Pieces

Moveable images are much easier to use than you might think. If you can resize an image and adjust layers – then you can use these moveable pieces! Here’s a quick breakdown of the step-by-step process.

#1 Head to Canva or PowerPoint

Choose the platform you want to work in, then upload your product mockup image. This is going to be the background you lay your resource and moveable pieces on!

If you’d rather start from scratch and create a completely unique product mockup, then you can change the background color in Canva or PowerPoint to be your base layer.

#2 Upload Your Product

Take a screenshot of your resource or download your resource as a JPEG file. Then, upload the images of your product to Canva or PowerPoint. If you are using a mockup image as the base layer, you can arrange your product appropriately, like on a clipboard or inside a task card box.

#3 Add the Moveable Pieces

Now it’s time to get creative! Paste your moveable images onto the product mockup. You can place these moveable pieces into the white space of your image or layer them over your product.

This is a great way to show your product in action. For example, you can layer a pencil over your product as if a student just finished writing. Or layer a pencil bag over a folder for some additional design and depth.

#4 Download the Image

Once you’ve placed everything how you want it, it’s time to download the product mockup! Save it as a JPEG or PNG and use it across your marketing. This could easily become your TPT thumbnail, Instagram post, blog photo, and more.

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